After Sales Service

As a rule, real estate buyers in Turkey need help not only at the purchasing stage, but also in the process of adapting to living and settling into a new home.

We understand perfectly how important it is for our clients to have full support and trusting friendly relationships during this period, and we hasten to assure you that after receiving the TA PU our cooperation with you does not end, but only begins.

Employees of our company are always in touch for their customers and are ready to help, advise, and also continue further interaction within the framework of after-sales services.

Even 5 years after purchase, you can call us and consult on any questions!


Our post-sales services include a whole range of options useful for owners:


Opening an account in a Turkish bank

Having an account will save you from the need to store cash at home and will make it much easier to pay utility bills through terminals or ATMs in Turkey. It will also be easier to make any kind of purchases online.


Assistance in obtaining a residence permit and Turkish citizenship

Registration at various authorities, including medical institutions. Without knowing the language, it is sometimes very difficult to even make an appointment with a doctor. Our agency helps clients in all everyday matters as long as there is a need for it.


Support in concluding subscription agreements

Assistance in concluding subscription contracts for electricity, gas heating and water supply.


Concluding an agreement and connecting to the Internet

Foreign citizens can enter into an agreement for the provision and provision of Internet at their place of residence only if they have a residence permit document in Turkey. Without a residence permit, a foreign citizen at his place of residence is prohibited from connecting to the Internet.


Mobile phone and communication registration

Foreigners can use a personal phone only for the first three months from the moment of their last arrival in Turkey, after which cellular communications are blocked. You need to either buy a cell phone in Turkey or register your existing one with the Turkish Tax Office.


Calling repair and technical services

Resolving issues with promptly calling repair and technical services to eliminate possible existing problems, ventilating and monitoring the house in your absence.


Help with purchasing household appliances and furniture

Our experts will advise on the range of Turkish brands of furniture or household appliances, as well as places of purchase. They will suggest a favorable time for purchase, focusing on the discount season. Subsequent control of delivery and installation will be carried out.


Help with choosing home interiors

Our clients share their wishes regarding interior solutions and decorative elements, and we help them make the right choice and implement solutions in their home.


Organization of renovation of an apartment or house

If necessary, we will organize repairs to your house or apartment. We will help you find professionals in the field of renovation, and we will do everything possible to make your dreams of an ideal interior come true in the most favorable time frame! Qualified workers will help carry out the full range of repair work.


Professional cleaning of your apartment or house

We will help you select cleaning specialists, and we will clean the house in your absence. You can always rest assured that your Turkish home will be clean and comfortable upon your arrival, as well as the arrival of guests or tenants.

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