Purchase Procedure

Purchase Procedure KNE Yapı Alanya

Buying Property in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

Purchasing property overseas, like in Turkey, can be riddled with complexities. Without in-depth knowledge, the buying experience might not meet the buyer’s expectations.

It’s not just about finding the right property. It involves understanding every phase of the transaction, from document verification to associated expenses.

Why Choose Our Licensed Real Estate Agency in Turkey?

When you’re aiming to invest in Turkish real estate, partnering with our licensed agency is your best choice. Our expert team:

  • Boasts a deep understanding of Turkey’s real estate regulations.
  • Provides complete transactional support.
  • Offers solutions for any challenges you might face during the property acquisition process.

Steps to Your Dream Home in Turkey

  1. Selecting Your Property: Our online platform showcases a vast array of properties across Turkey’s prime locations:

    • Direct-from-developer properties
    • Secondary market homes
    • Premium, exclusive listings
    • Special ‘hot’ deals

    Whatever your taste or budget, our dedicated team will swiftly guide you to the perfect match.

  2. Introductory Tour: We believe that a meticulously planned property viewing, backed with expert advice and genuine communication, paves the way for successful property acquisition. Thus, we offer:

    • A complimentary guided tour.
    • Airport pick-ups.
    • Comfy accommodation during your stay.
    • Informative property viewings and consultations.

    Can’t make it to Turkey? No worries. We have digital solutions to help you buy your home online!

  3. Contract Conclusion: With just your passport, you can seal the deal. Once you’ve picked your property:

    • Pay a deposit (typically around 10% of the total value).
    • Sign a transparent contract detailing buyer, seller, and property specifics.

    Rest assured, our team thoroughly checks the chosen property for valid documentation and any legal discrepancies.

  4. Payment Procedures: Depending on your contract, you can:

    • Make a full one-time payment.
    • Opt for installment plans.

    Payments can be done via bank transfers or directly to the property’s developer or current owner. We’re here to advise on the best payment strategy for you.

  5. Obtaining the TAPU (Ownership Certificate): The culmination of your property purchase in Turkey is receiving the TAPU. This certifies the final and official transition of ownership. Either be present personally or authorize our in-house lawyer through a notarized document to facilitate this for you.

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