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Registration of Counters in Turkey: Streamlining Utility Connections

Once you’ve acquired your TAPU and become the proud owner of real estate in Turkey, the next step is ensuring essential utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, and internet are seamlessly connected. At Kne Yapı, our dedicated team is prepared to assist you in efficiently arranging these vital services, either alongside you or through proxy representation.

Connecting Water and Electricity: Essential Documents

To initiate the connection of water and electricity, you will need two identical sets of documents:

  • A copy of the property owner’s passport.
  • A copy of the TAPU (certificate of ownership of real estate).
  • A copy of the ISKAN (operation permit).
  • A copy of the DASK policy (compulsory earthquake insurance for real estate).
  • A tax number issued in Turkey.
  • A completed questionnaire, specific to the water utility or energy company.

Obtaining a Water Subscription

For acquiring a water subscription for a new building, visit the local water utility with the necessary documents, sign an agreement, and make the required payment. In most cases, by the evening or at the latest, the following day (depending on their workload), representatives from the water supply company will arrive to connect your meters, ensuring a consistent water supply to your property.

Connecting Electricity Services

To facilitate the connection of electricity, contact the local energy company with the stipulated documents, complete the payment, and sign the necessary agreement. You can expect to have electricity up and running in your property on the same evening or the following day.

Securing water and electricity connections for your property in Turkey is a crucial step in making your residence comfortable and fully functional. Kne Yapı is here to simplify this process, ensuring a seamless transition to your new home. We take care of the paperwork and logistics, so you can enjoy your property without the hassle.

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